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"Some say
they don't believe that angels can be seen or heard.
What a shame,
such blindness.
What a pity, such deafness.
When the Song of songs abounds
and Heaven's
flyers are all
around only thinly
disguised as birds"

(author unknown)
Parrot Toy Angels is an all-volunteer organization committed to providing toys, food and other avian supplies to companion birds in difficult situations.  Life-altering changes, natural disasters or an organization’s lack of funding all can have a negative emotional and physical impact on both birds and companion caregivers alike.  Our Angel Projects help ease the burden for the generous individuals & organizations that provide safe havens for birds in need.   
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Parrot Toy Angels is a GuideStar Certified 501(c)3 charity
We All Need Angels in our  Lives

Become a Volunteer!
Have you ever had a time in your life when you needed an angel riding on your shoulder?
Have you ever thought that a bird might need the same?
How about the generous, big-hearted humans who help birds in need, many times going into debt to save one helpless bird.
These are the real angels:
the people who’ve taken the time to save these birds from less than perfect situations and who offer birds a safe haven and loving home.  These are the people who could really use our helping hands.
Won’t you open your heart and become a Parrot Toy Angel?
As a Parrot Toy Angel, you will be asked to contribute on a monthly basis to help support our ongoing work.  Contributions include making toys, donating parts or supplies or sending a small monetary donation to help with the costs of toymaking materials and shipping.
Cassie, our “Cele-birdie”..
She was and is our inspiration.  
We love our Cassie girl!!
Marsha Kilmer
Not a toymaker?
Join our Volunteer Group
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