All proceeds from this auction benefit those that have 
been and those that will be touched by the Parrot Toy Angels.
 We “are” making a difference, one bird at a time.
We couldn’t do what we do without your support!!  We thank you!
The largely unmet needs of captive and wild parrots motivated me to focus on them in my professional life and as an outlet for my creativity.  Wild Grey I was inspired by the World Parrot Trust film, Where the Wild Greys Are, and Dr. Irene Pepperberg's work with Alex, the Congo African Grey Parrot.
DONATED BY:  Krissi Sandvik, Fiber Arts Studio
DONATED BY:  Eric Peake
Starting Bid:   $60
Current Bid:   $85

Congrats:  msyesney
Michelle Yesney

Shipped 11/8/07
“The Family” by Eric Peake
Contents Include:
Captive Foraging DVD,
Foraging Toys & Foraging Dishes,
Organic Popcorn, Organic Crunchy Munchies, Organic Millet
Shredded Paper & Favor Boxes
Brown Paper Bags, Munch Balls, Shredders, Corn Husks, Coffee Filters.......and much much more!!!
Each item individually packaged in cellophane bag.  Tips for use attached.

Angel Earrings of Swarovski Crystals on Sterling Silver Ear wires.  A teardrop of seagreen, pewter wings and a Sterling Silver Halo, these earrings hang 1-1/2” measured from the top of the ear wire.
DONATED BY:  Suzanne Loftus, Bijou Jewelry Designs
Starting Bid:   $20
Current Bid:    $35

Congrats:   tamelaharrison
Tamela Harrison
Silver & Erinite Earrings
silver and erinite AB angel earrings 1r.jpg
Winner’s choice of bird species. (All species available.  View some here: Stockings). Personalization & shipping included!
Comes with 5 foot toys.
Personalized Stocking w/ footers ~ Your Choice of Species
DONATED BY:  Kristie Rodgers
Starting Bid:   $15
Current Bid:   $32.50   

Congrats:  vaya_the_elf
personalized 001sm.JPG
October 2007 Auction
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October Auction 2
October Auction
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Handmade White & Gold Angel
DONATED BY:  Joan Edwards
Joans angels 4new.jpg
Starting Bid:   $30
Current Bid:    $30   

Congrats:  taddykalas
Taddy Kalas

Shipped 11/15/07
Dressed in a white Satin & Brocade dress with lace at the neck and sleeves.  There is gold lace on the bottom of the skirt.  She has a tie at the waist of gold bead ribbon and a gold rose.  Her wings are handmade as is her halo.  She wears a Mother-of-Pearl look cross around her neck.  In her hand she holds an irridescent snowflake. She stands 13” tall and 11” wide.  One of a kind!!
Beautiful as a tree topper or stand-alone figurine.
Medium-Short (3’ x 4’) Get-A-Grip by  StarBird™
The StarBird Get a Grip™ provides a climbing and playing environment that most emulates a natural forest or jungle. Made of untreated Abaca, this climbing grid can be hung or draped and it's configuration changed as often as you like.
Your bird can climb, play, go in and out of the spaces and create their own games, all the while exercising their body and mind, with the grid providing secure footing.
Starting Bid:   $75
Current Bid:    $125

Congrats:  dr_demanto
Vince Manto

Delivered by Ilona
DONATED BY:  Ronnie Uehling, Bonnie Jay, Anne Eilers of StarBird
Starting Bid:   $125
Current Bid:    $155   

Congrats:  arlene
Arlene Levin-Rowe

Shipped 11/8/07
Wild Grey, 18” x 24” Art Quilt by Krissi Sandvik
Starting Bid:   $40
Current Bid:    $100  

Congrats:  gcpatf
Pat Felts

Shipped 11/9/07
Foraging & Enrichment Basket
XL Wooden Swing
DONATED BY:  Nancy Goulding
Starting Bid:   $35
Current Bid:    $50

Congrats:  jools99
Julie Weltz

Shipped 11/14/07
16” Tall,
18” Wide,
1” Perch
3 lbs. of Wood
auction swing2crop.jpg
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