October 2007 Auction ~ 2
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All auction items offered by Parrot Toy Angels are offered “as is”.  No guarantee or warranty of any kind is implied or expressed.  In no event, shall PTA, its Board of Directors or General Membership assume any liability for damages or losses, either direct or consequential, which may arise from the acceptance of any auction item.  Acceptance of any auction item constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.
October Auction 3
October 2007 Auction
© Parrot Toy Angels
Rainforest Tote Bag
The Rainforest design wraps around entire bag, although both sides are not identical.  Made of 100% polyester.  Large sized bag, measuring approximately 17 x 15 x 5”.  Top zipper closure.  Lined interior.  No inner pouches.
Starting Bid:   $15
Current Bid:    $45   

Congrats:  taddykalas
Taddy Kalas

Shipped 11/14/07
Close-up of pattern
Swarovski Crystal Anklet by Emily Ray
So dainty and feminine.  
8” in length.
Starting Bid:   $15
Current Bid:    $25  

Congrats:  ekkie2
Verna Brisbon-Lucey

Shipped 11/9/07
DONATED BY:  Sharon Barclay  
D’Argos Climbing Canopy
OVER 60” long!  21” Wide.
OVER 8000 beads!!!
Totally hand made.
Fun to hang and let the fids climb to their hearts’ content.
Washable. What fun!!
Starting Bid:   $35
Current Bid:    $57

Congrats:  ikeepparrots
Arrie Hammel
Noreen Motowaki
Shipped 11/12/07
DONATED BY:  Susana Emberg  
Close up of canopy
African Grey Light Switch Plate Cover ~ Double
Measures 4.5” x 4.5”.
Easy to clean.
Comes with 4 screws.
Made of high quality nylon, so it’s very bendable and durable.  Will conform to wall deformities better than the rigid, regular plastic type of plate.
Starting Bid:   $7.50
Current Bid:    $20

Congrats:  chacoosmom
Bonnie Watts

Shipped 11/8/07
Parrot Boy Cigar Box Purse ~! Handmade !
10” x 7-1/2”
Unique, handcrafted,
One-of-a-kind purse!!
Starting Bid:   $20
Current Bid:    $25  

Congrats:   dmegginson
Diana Megginson

Shipped 11/9/07
DONATED BY:  Ricky Lee & Marcus Chambers  
Close ups of detail
“Caribbean Splendour” by Eric Peake
Starting Bid:   $60
Current Bid:    $90    

Congrats:  anniroz
Anne Rose Farr

Shipped 11/13/07
DONATED BY:  Eric Peake  
A  toy each month for an entire year. You’ll be contacted for bird size, preferences before shipping.  
Toys will vary from these shown.
Your bid not only covers the toy, but shipping for a year also.  
Starting Bid:   $75
Current Bid:    $105

Congrats: pohxtig
Jan Peterson
DONATED BY:  Susan Kesler  
Toy-a-Month for a Year ~ Size Appropriate
15” x 18” x 6”
10 oz heavyweight natural canvas
Full side and bottom gusset
22” reinforced fabric handles
Machine washable  
Starting Bid:   $10
Current Bid:    $35

Congrats:  donnza
Donna Dae

Shipped 11/15/07
PTA Canvas Tote Bag
Back of Tote
Your grey will love you!!!
Already stuffed and ready to hang on the fireplace!!!
Comes with 5 size-appropriate footers!!
Starting Bid:   $12
Current Bid:    $30

Congrats:  malerhaus
Dori Painter

Shipped 11/14/07
Congo African Grey Stocking with footers!!
3-½” Tall
2-½” Wide
Beautiful irridescent color
Angel is holding a cockatoo
Perfect for the ‘too lover!!
Starting Bid:   $7.50
Current Bid:    $23  

Congrats:  tlzoo
Laura Groves

Shipped 11/13/07
DONATED BY:  Lori Nelsen  
Stained Glass Angel w/ ‘Too
Healthy Basket
Contents Include:
Crazy Corn, Whole Wheat Pasta, Brown Rice Mix, Sprouting Seed Mix, Nutriberries, Avicakes, Poop Off Wipes, Pro-Feda Vitamins, Sanitizing Wipes, Kwik Stop, Bagel Toy and Foot Toys.
Starting Bid:   $35
Current Bid:    $75  

Congrats:  gcpatf
Pat Felts

Shipped 11/9/07
DONATED BY:  Cooka’s Rainbow  
Handmade Afghan ~ Approximately 52” x 60”
Absolutely stunning!
Blacks, Reds, Whites.
Cross stitch on a crocheted background.
SO warm for the upcoming cold winter nights.
Hand made with love.
Starting Bid:   $25
Current Bid:    $100    

Congrats:  xpackardx
Stephen Lange

Shipped 11/14/07
DONATED BY:   Ramona & Susan
AFGHAN 2.jpg
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