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October 2007 Auction Winners
October 2007 Auction Winners
If you haven’t been contacted by PTA by Friday, 11/9/07,
please contact us....there may be a mail problem.

Medium Get-A-Grip ~ Vince Manto
Grey Art Quilt ~ Arlene Levin-Rowe
“The Family” ~ Michelle Yesney
Foraging & Enrichment Basket ~ Pat Felts
Silver & Ernite Earrings ~ Tamela Harrison
White & Gold Angel ~ Taddy Kalas
XL Wooden Swing ~ Jools 99
1 Personalized Stocking w/footers ~ Diana

Rainforest Tote Bag ~ Taddy Kalas
Healthy Basket ~ Pat Felts
Handmade Afghan ~ Stephen Lange
Swarovski Anklet ~ Ekkie 2
D’Argos Climbing Canopy ~ Arrie Hammel
Grey Double Switch Plate Cover ~Chacoosmom
Cigar Box Purse ~ Diana Megginson
“Caribbean Splendour” ~ Anne Rose Farr
Toy-A-Month ~ Jan Peterson
PTA Canvas Tote Bag ~ Donnza
Stained Glass Angel ~ Laura Groves
CAG Stocking ~ Dori Painter

Sun Conure Print ~ Devi Tow
Amethyst Pillow Earrings ~ Linda Anselmi
Platform Perch ~ Pam Robinson
2 Personalized Stocking w/footers ~ Donnza
White & Silver Angel ~ Dori Painter
Popcorn & A Movie Basket ~ Kathleen Franz
Birdy Show DVD ~ Tamela Harrison
Grey Single Switch Plate & Socks ~ Jo Gore
Sulphur Crested ‘Too Necklace ~ Junie Troutman
Wine Coaster Set ~ Barbara Williams
PTA Ornament ~ Ekkie 2
Beaded Bag ~ Nancy Goulding

Gold Angel ~ Taddy Kalas
Bali & Garnet Earrings ~ Linda Anselmi
Feline Friends Tote Bag ~ Kerrie Wulczynski
Baker’s Basket ~ Jo Gore
Fleece Parrot Throw ~ Chacoosmom
PTA Cap ~ Ekkie 2
Strawberry/Banana Muffins ~ Ekkie 2
BH Caique Stocking w/5 footers ~ Anne Rose Farr
Macaw Coasters ~ Toni Fortin
Mitred Conure Print ~ Avian Retreat
Little Swinger Basket ~ Susan Kesler
PTA Mousepad ~ Donnza

“Shades of Grey” ~ Karen Sheridan
Fiesta Basket ~ Kathleen Franz
Grommy’s Gift ~ Jo Gore
Gold & Chrysolite Earrings ~ Noreen Motowaki
Toy Making Supplies ~ Dori Painter
Adventure Parrot DVD ~ Patricia Booth
Parrot Tote Bag ~ Sherry Mars
‘Too Switch Plate/’Too Pin ~ Avian Retreat
Macaw Socks ~ Ekkie 2
2 QT SS w/footers ~ Michelle Rusche
B&G Switch Plate/Fan Pull ~ Chacoosmom
Break Time ~ Joan Edwards

Gourmet Basket ~ Susan Kesler
Carnelian Pillow Earrings ~ The Boss Bird
WB Caique Stocking w/5 footers ~ Regina Jankowski
55 Footers ~ Donnza
Cubbie ~ Jo Gore
Cockatiel Pin ~ Judy Sawin
Shredder Basket ~ Donnza
Parrots & Palms Socks ~ Ekkie 2
Green & Gold Angel ~ Taddy Kalas
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Credit Card payments also accepted via Paypal.  
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October Auction
October 2007 Auction
Check back to the auction pages to find out when your winnings have shipped!!!  Updated daily.
October Auction