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Parrot Toy Angels Presents “An Illustrated Guide to Making 50 Bird Safe Toys As easy as 1-2-3” <<   Previous Page     ||     Top     ||     Newsletter Archive    >> Toy Making CD Logobirdtrans.gif $25.00 Minimum Order, Please Click Guidelines for Info toy cd.png

Step by step instructions with pictures and supply list

included for 50 “Bird Safe” toys.


16 Small toys

18 Medium toys

12 Large toys

12 Extra Large toys

20 Talon Toys

Instructions are broken down into the following categories:




Some of the toy instructions included are:

Long Legs, Swinging Fleece, Bagel Orb, Angel Cuddler,

Fun Wheel, Leather Bites, Bear Hugs, Filter Toy, Fiesta

Platter, Super Shredder and Pluck-n-Preen


Toy Making CD


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