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Wildflower Angels by Demdaco
For centuries, flowers have captured the imagination and the heart.  In the Middle Ages, every element of nature was part of an elaborate system of symbol and meaning.  Victorians perfected the language of flowers to send complex messages in a simple bouquet - daises for innocence...violets for modesty...roses for love.
With “Wildflower Angels”, Demdaco artist Kathy Killip brings the old-fashioned
meaning of flowers to your home in a fresh, spirited way.  
Celebrate the relationships in your life with these charming tokens of love and affection.
Buttercups for Cheerfulness

A merry heart brightens the
spirits of all who walk in
it’s light.
Sweet Peas for a Fond Farewell

“Goodbye” is so final, too
much an end.  
Just bid me ”Farewell”
that we might meet again.
Bluebells for Humility

Beauty rises from a humble
place of dignity and quiet
grace.  Oft shadowed by a
brighter light, the servant’s
heart brings true delight.
Each Angel is stone resin,
approximately 6” tall.  
Beautiful addition to your home,
great as a gift!!
$10.00 each or 3/$25.00
Order all 3 for $25.00
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