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Angel Wings: February 2007
Parrot Toy Angels

Angel Wings
A monthly journal for human
angels who make a positive
difference in companion
birds' lives.

February 2007
Volume 2 , Issue II

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Happy Valentine's Day Angels and Angel Supporters!!
A warm welcome to our newest Angels: Jean J., Christine E., and Pattie L. Also, our newest "Junior Angels" Sammi and Joel. Our membership is now at 59 members! More talons to make toys with. And more talons means more happy birds.

We're back on track after a short Christmas break. The "chirp" is out about our PTA Cookbook, for parrots to share with their humans. We welcome any healthy recipes or helpful hints you'd like to share. They can be submitted here. Since Valentine's Day is upon us, perhaps you have a "love treat" you'd like to share with us.

We thank you all for your continued support. Because of you, we are "making a difference, one bird at a time".

~ Lynn Williams

This issue is dedicated to Toffeeman...without whom this would not have been possible.

Angel Toys For Angels

We now offer 'Angel Toys' for sale to the public. Take a look at this month's featured toys:

Funtastic for Large to X-Large Birds
for Large to X-Large Birds

Monkey Knot for Medium to Large Birds
Monkey Knot
for Medium to Large Birds

Puzzler for Large to X-Large Birds
for Large to X-Large Birds

Check out all the
Angel Toys for Angels

What a Fabulous Surprise
By Venette and Dan Hill

Early last year, The Lily Sanctuary was contacted by a very sweet lady named Lynn from 'some' organization called The Parrot Toy Angels. We had not heard of this organization but were pleasantly surprised to hear the Toy Angels would like to choose The Lily Sanctuary for their April monthly donation of toys. With over 60 parrots, mostly large size birds, this was a much-needed treat. Of course, we said "sure", not knowing what the eventual result would be. Late in April, the volunteers of The Lily Sanctuary gathered to welcome the Parrot Toy Angels and their "truckload" of toys. Food, refreshments and the sanctuary banner were set up and awaiting their arrival. Oh what a surprise!

Christmas in April

Of course, "truckload" is in the eyes of the beholder. With some 20 plus volunteers on hand, waiting on the front lawn for the Toy Angels to arrive, we suddenly saw a large pickup truck round the corner into our cul-de-sac with a mountain of gaily wrapped packages in the back. Even Santa Claus would have been impressed. Ilona and Noreen, the Toy Angel Elves for the day, jumped out ready to unload their truckload of toys. Lynn, who had coordinated the event, was not able to be present but her efforts were greatly rewarded. What followed was one of the most glorious Christmas events (in April) that one could imagine. One by one, the boxes of wrapped toys were opened and spread on an 8' by 8' covering over the lawn. Sweet notes and cute drawings (courtesy of Miss Pete's 3rd grade students at Billy Mitchell School) accompanied many of the boxes, sent by the great volunteers of the Parrot Toy Angels.

Lily Volunteers

Now, The Lily Sanctuary is located in Westminster, Southern California. But the notes and cards revealed that the many, many toys, which had been both purchased and hand made, came from bird lovers around the country as well as Canada. One of the most heartwarming parts of this celebration was the fact that the hand made toys were sensational. The creativity, the hours of work, and the love that had obviously gone into the making of these toys was enough to bring a tear to more than a few eyes. These hand made toys could never be duplicated and, if they could, The Lily Sanctuary would be their number one customer.

As for the huge lawn covering, it became a mountain of toys that cannot be adequately described. Volunteers were sorting through the toys with comments like, "Oh, this would be just perfect for Lola", or "This will make Athena so happy". What more could be said! Some of our birds were brought out to rummage around in the big pile, and that was a sight to behold. It made us wish we were kids again with a rich family and lots of presents under the tree.

To all of the friends and volunteers of The Parrot Toy Angels, we offer you our unwavering gratitude and admiration for an organization that cannot be equaled in the world of pet rescue and sanctuary.

Has this story got your toymaking talons twitching? Do you want to help make a difference in somebirdie's life? Come join our ranks! We have angels from all different backgrounds and walks of life, and there's always room for another generous heart.

As a Parrot Toy Angel, you will be asked to contribute on a monthly basis to help support our ongoing work. Apply for membership:
Join our Yahoo! Group

Miss Kathy

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PTA Cookbook
The Refuge, Northbrook, IL
Surprise sprinkling of "Angel Dust" in Quebec, Canada


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3,500 plus Toys
Rikki Sez...
Rikki will try and answer frequently asked questions here.

Jean asks: Hi Rikki, can you tell me why my bird bites when I reach into his cage for him to step up, but once outside the cage he will step up without biting?

Rikki sez: Well Jean, how would you feel if someone stuck their hand into your "home" and invaded your space? What humans don't seem to understand is some of us are very "cage territorial" and we don't like people sticking their paws in our space...and rearranging our carefully placed toys. How would you like it if someone came into your home and rearranged your living room? I don't think you'd much like it, right? Well, we feathers are the same way. It's an invasion of our privacy. I asked a few of my pals like Chanceman, Lady Katherine, Albus, Copernic, Chester P and Mucki and they all agreed with me. So your best bet is to let us come out of our 'condos' on our own...then we'll be glad to step up for you. Don't forget, we are in charge!

Do you have a question for Rikki? Please send it to Editor and Rikki will answer it in the upcoming months.

An Angel Amongst Us
Parrot Toy Angels come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Let us introduce you to one of our Angels


Angel Toymaker Susan
Toymaker, Student, Jack-of-all-trades • WA, USA

Our Angel Susan recently underwent double bypass surgery. We felt February was the perfect time to honor her...after all, February is the month synonymous with 'love' and 'hearts'.

That is what Susan is, all Heart and all Love for this organization and now Susan has an even better heart for PTA. Susan, I thank and applaud you for all you do, all you have and are achieving...says Angel Nancy.
Jean says...Susan is creative, energetic, generous and kind. She is our go-to Angel--if you want to get something done, give it to Susan and you know it will be done. PTA is very fortunate to have such a wonderful angel among us.
Susan always has kind words to say--even when the Angels are in the midst of a heated discussion, her head stays cool and calm and her kindness always shines through. She also has a knock-out sense of humor and I enjoy reading her more than I can say!...says Angel Kim.
Angel Machelle says...Susan is such a kind and giving soul. She is extremely witty and bright and the amount of work she does for our organization just amazes me! She is so passionate about what we do and she is a tremendous asset! We love you Susan!!!
From Angel Joyce...Hope you have a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You must be my Sis.
Susan is the example of what it means to be a Parrot Toy Angel. She is responsible for our ebay auction site, which takes time, and knowledge. She makes toys for the projects, and she really cares about this organization. She does everything she can to market PTA, and she has a soft heart when it comes to needy parrots. Congratulations Susan for all your hard work, we can all say 'thank you', but to me that just isn't enough sometimes...from Angel Leigh Anne.
Angel Devi says...Susan's a ball of energy and devoted to bringing joy to needy birds.
And finally, from Angel Brandy...who sums up all of our feelings about Susan...Never a truer Angel could be found. She is loving and watches over all of us. She takes in rescue birds people were just going to throw away. She doesn't care if she can snuggle them as long as they are happy, have toys, love, proper care and nutrition, and a safe place to abide on earth until God calls them to him. Susan will do any and everything for you that she can. She is always thinking of others first. She truly cares about people and birds. She makes some of the best toys that birds just seem to love. She is definitely a hero with a brand new heart. Her heart was so good to begin with that it is hard to image it could get better! I LOVE YOU SUSAN!

Yes, Susan! We love you! ♥♥♥

Parrot Toy Angel Cookbook!
PTA Cookbook Committee

We are starting a fundraising drive to help pay for our toy making supplies and to help fund our food baskets for the various projects we have lined up. One phase of our drive is to publish a Parrot Toy Angel Cookbook for parrots to share with their parronts. Since we are a small organization, we would like to open up our recipe search to all our supporters to include varied ideas and recipes and tips from as many avian enthusiasts as possible.

If you have any healthy recipes or tips on preparing foods that can be shared by parrot and human, please submit them to our special Cookbook page. You will receive full credit for your submission!

If you don't have any recipes please don't let this prevent you from contributing helpful hints and tips. The tips can be how to best store nuts, how to keep your vegetables fresh longer, types of fruits and vegetables that work best in dehydrators and how to best store them. The best way to store dry goods and freezer goods or how to freeze fruits and vegetables when in season for use later. How about buying tips? What to look for in a good mango or papaya and the best way to ripen them without spoilage, perhaps buying in bulk, ways to clean different veggies and fruits. We need as much input as you have to offer.

Recipes can be homemade salsa, homemade pasta sauce, any kind of salads, salad dressings, combining sprouts in everyday cooking, healthy muffins, breads, cakes, pretty much any recipe you share with your fid. Got a favorite pancake or French toast recipe, send it to us! Of course, the only pre-requisites are these need to be 'healthy' recipes and that your fid gives it a 'Tails Up' rating.

Send us your recipes
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We also welcome donations of toymaking parts and supplies. A receipt will be issued for every donation. Contact us at Info for further information on donating.

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