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January 2007
Volume 2, Issue I

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Happy New Year, Parrot Toy Angel Supporters!!
Our Angel Wings Newsletter will be a little different this month. We hope you enjoy some of our Angel's musings on the new year. Our regular format will return next stay tuned!

May 2007 surpass all of your expectations and dreams!

- Lynn Williams
An Amazon New Year
By Christena Snowden

Flying in on wings of green,
Bits of red and blue can be seen.
White between the feathers primary,
New Year comes the month of January.

Hook bill black with bits of grey.
New Year rings in on the first day.
Eyes flashing, pinning fast.
2007 is here at last.

Talons grasping the perch as she lands.
Time for resolutions and taking stands.
Childish voice bursts out in song,
As we celebrate all night long.

Mighty Amazon Parrot shows her pride,
With the ebb of the new year tide.
Singing, showing her colors oh so true.
Celebrating, with us, the New Year too.

©  2007 Christena Snowden

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Get on Board
By Andrea Frederick

Everybody get on board, the New Year's finally here
Before we get so busy, let's make one thing clear.

No group does what we do, we're special in every way
Birdies and people count on us, to help to make their day.

The enrichment we help provide, comes from love inside,
One day we hope there will be no bird, who needs what we provide.

Until that time we'll make and design the toys we know they'll love
Earth Angels join heaven's Angels to watch over them from above.

©  2007 Andrea Frederick
By Susan Kesler

A brand new year is already here,
Another chance to get it right
One more feather, is cause for cheer
Someday maybe, her first flight.

A project is waiting, maybe two maybe twenty
A sad situation is always at hand
The Angels will be there with toys aplenty
Always willing to take a stand.

So come on Angels, let's all try
To help birds and parronts one at a time.
There'll be no headlines, no bells will chime
But maybe, just maybe, a parrot will fly.

©  2007 Susan Kesler
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