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June 2007
Volume 2, Issue VI

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Welcome, Angels and Supporters!! And a warm welcome to our newest Angel, Arrie H. It is always special when a newsletter has someone to honor, an event to announce, or, as in this month's issue, someone to congratulate. This issue is dedicated to our own Angel Adriane whose ParrotNutz Homemade Parrot Treats is celebrating a third anniversary.

CONGRATULATIONS, Adriane! Thank you for your wonderful creations, and thank you for your generosity towards the Parrot Toy Angels. If our feathered friends could join in, we'd be hearing a 21-wing salute.

Those of us who have purchased her treats, mixes, breads, muffins, and meals, know the joy of watching our birds 'dive' into a bowl of her warm mash, or jump in the pan of her still-cooling birdie bread. The added knowledge that our birds are getting only the best ingredients in all the mixes, makes this a staple in many of our pantries.

To celebrate this event, ParrotNutz has a special offer that will run an entire month starting on June 15th. Watch your mail....details to follow. If you haven't tried any of Adriane's homemade mixes, this is a good time to give yourself and your birds a real treat...delicious for them, convenient for you.

~~ Lynn Williams & Ilona Peterson

In this month's issue:
     Happy 3rd Anniversary ParrotNutz!!
     Featured Fid ~ Cherry Headed Conure
     The Art of Introducing New Toys to a      'Scaredy' Bird
     Kitchen Sink Recipe

Angel Toys For Angels

We now offer 'Angel Toys' for sale to the public. We have all sorts of shapes and sizes of quality toys at great prices. This month's featured toys:

Wheelie for Medium to Large Birds
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Bagel Fish
Bagel Fish
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Egg-Citing for Small Birds
for Small Birds

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Adriane, or Nutz, as she is affectionately known, has been a Parrot Toy Angel from the birth of the Parrot Toy Angels organization. She joined our ranks on August 11, 2005 and has been actively contributing to our projects, and has been supporting our efforts with ongoing donations. We cannot express our gratitude for all you do in helping PTA make a difference 1 bird at a time.

We applaud you and congratulate ParrotNutz on your 3rd Anniversary.

We've been collecting rave reviews of your ParrotNutz products and your Exclusive Parrot Toy Angel line of mixes and mashes. Here is a mere sampling of glowing comments from satisfied customers:

Happy AnniversaryShe is the best at customer satisfaction, which is another reason to buy her products. We consider Adriane to be "Her Royal Highness, Queen of Birdie Bread, The Most Supreme Goddess of the Oven and Official Feeder of Privileged Birds"...Randi Kinton & flock

♥ ♥ ♥
I have only one complaint about Parrotnutz -- the breads are SO good that I have to fight my sun conure, La Marcel, to get my share! Perfection!... Peggy and her ParrotNutz fan sun conure, La Marcel
♥ ♥ ♥
Adriane takes the time to know her customers. She is a caring friend who answers questions we have about our birds food. Her food is excellent...Jean Bain & flock
♥ ♥ ♥
I have a very, very picky 7 year old Umbrella Cockatoo, Gabby....she came to me eating sunflower seeds and peanut butter. Apparently Gabby thinks she has a royal pedigree. I recently purchased the ParrotNutz mixes. When I gave her the Carrot-Mango Nut bread.... it was like hitting a home run!! That is her favorite!! Thank you Adrianne for making a product that is healthy and delicious.....even for the pickiest eaters!!... Her Royal Highness, Gabby and servant, Melinda Norris
♥ ♥ ♥
HaansThe first time I was able to get right in my wild-caught Magna DYH Amazon's cage to change all the toys was after offering ParrotNutz mash. He was more worried about me touching the mash in their food dish than me taking ALL their toys... Now what does that tell you about how much they enjoy the Mash!...Di & flock, AK
♥ ♥ ♥

Suess says: "Mom buys me Cantaloupe Birdie Bread cuz I am perfect and only the best will do for me." Mom says: "I buy Suess ParrotNutz goodies because I don't have to bake for His Blueness and I know that the food is healthy and tasty."...Suess, His Blueness & human Cindy Svec
♥ ♥ ♥

Katie, Tux & Stanley
Lady Katherine, Mr. Tuxedo and Li'l Lord Stanley
Enjoying their ParrotNutz Goodies! Yum Yum

♥ ♥ ♥

In closing, we wish you years of continued success and look forward to each upcoming new beak-smacking product you, your mom and your staff of birds create for us.

♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥

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♥ ♥ ♥

Angel Tip by Joan E.

"Kitchen Sink Recipe"

I pick up fruits and vegetables when they are on sale or discounted and dehydrate them into proper size pieces for the different size birds. I then place all the dehydrated vegetables or fruits into a sealed jar.
When I'm pressed for time I cook some pasta and when it's almost finished I add a couple of large spoonfuls of either fruits or vegetables to the pasta and turn it off. After about 4-5 minutes I drain and divide up into the various dishes.
I must have odd birds as this is their favorite. They still like their fresh fruits and vegetables but when they see the pasta they all come to the front of the cage wanting to get at it. You can also add fresh fruits, nuts, grains and seed to it.  ♥

North Jersey Parrot Rescue
New Milford, NJ

PTA Auction ~ watch for upcoming announcement

The Parrot Network Pictures
Marie-Therese Paille Pictures
Jolly Balls
Wildflower Angels
Golden Blues Music CD
~Hear Clip~
Mission Fish Auctions

♥ ♥ ♥

TerraCotta owns Kathe

TerraCotta, a Fischer Lovie
owns Kathe

♥ ♥ ♥

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Roxcee and Buddy wish ParrotNutz
Happy 3rd Anniversary
Featured Fid ~ Cherry Headed Conure
By Delta Holder

The Cherry Headed Conure (aratinga erythrogenys) also known as the red masked conure, average 13 - 15 inches in length from the top of the head to the tip of the tail. They average 164 - 184 grams in weight. The cherry heads are often mistaken for a Mitered, Wagner or Finsch's conure at a young age. It takes about 6 months to notice any red feathers and up to 2 years for the full head of red to become prominent. As they mature, they also get beautiful red on the underside of the wings near the shoulders. The beak is a horned color and quite broad in width.

Cherry Headed Conures are found in the arid zones of western Equador and northwestern parts of Peru. They inhabit open forests or the forest edge and are sometimes found near towns. The Red-Masked Conure breeds readily in captivity, though generally in the hotter part of the year. The female will lay between 3 to 4 eggs which will incubate for about 23 to 25 days. The young will fledge at about 6 weeks and be fully weaned by 11 or 12 weeks.

Palli The Cherry Headed Conure is known for the playfulness just like most other conures. They enjoy a wonderful diet and lots of wood toys to chew on. They are very intelligent and need mental stimulation in order to keep them happy. They love to play on their backs and be comical in order to get a rise from their owners. Just like most other conures, they can be nippy and need proper guidance in order to break the habit and make a wonderful pet.

They are in fact a conure and can be noisy if they choose to be. They are not quite as noisy as the Nanday or Sun Conures but can be heard if they want to! As we all know, each individual bird is different. Their talking ability depends on the bird and their environment. Some can talk rather well and others prefer to just mimic noises and sounds. The Cherry Head needs a good sized cage due to their size and energetic attitude. I would not recommend a cage any smaller than a 24 x 22, preferably bigger if you can.

There is not much information on the Cherry Heads due to their lack of popularity in captivity so I will describe Palli, my Cherry Head. She is a one-person bird, that one person is me. She will tolerate others when I am not home. She is a very comical bird and keeps me laughing from the moment she wakes to the time she goes to sleep at night. She is very affectionate and I can do anything with her. She loves to play on her back in my hands and plays with her feet like a baby does. She enjoys playing in my shirt. I do not find her overly loud. I find she makes a different sound than most conures and the best way to describe it is like a zipper being pulled down really quick.

PalliPalli will be 2 years old in July and is talking rather well. So far she says "step up", "peek a boo", "kiss", "watcha doin", and "I love you". She is trying to learn more but it is not quite clear just yet. She also sneezes and coughs. She does a fantastic imitation also. I am trying to teach her tricks and so far we have her holding a foot up, bobbing and clucking when I ask her to dance. When I say "oh la la" she lifts her wings and shows me the beautiful red. I ask for a kiss and she reaches her beak to my lips. We are presently working on her laying on her back on my forehead for a few seconds. She can be very nippy and with the width and size of her beak, it can hurt. I'm sure in time, that will subside. She is the apple of my eye and my welcoming committee when I arrive home from work.

To sum it up, Cherry Heads are a mid-sized bird full of bird bird attitude. I find they are not too small and not too big, just the right size for cuddling. Most people would end their information saying a hand-raised, hand-fed bird is the best, but that is not always true. Palli has had 3 homes in less than a year and she turned into a wonderful companion for me. Whether you do choose a hand-fed, hand-tame, or rehomed Cherry Head, you will have excitement, fun, companionship and beauty from these wonderful creatures.

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Has this story got your toymaking talons twitching? Do you want to help make a difference in somebirdie's life? Come join our ranks! We have angels from all different backgrounds and walks of life, and there's always room for another generous heart.
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An Angel Amongst Us

Parrot Toy Angels come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Let us introduce you to one of our Angels


Angel Baker Adriane
Baker, Photographer, Horsewoman • NJ, USA

Adriane is the owner of ParrotNutz Treats LLC, and while she doesn't make toys, is a big contributor to the Angel cause. Not only does she donate her homemade birdie treats to our Angel projects, a portion of the sales on her site is donated to the Parrot Toy Angels. ParrotNutz also created the mixes and mashes sold on the Parrot Toy Angels website.

This Angel's life isn't all work though. She can often be found atop her horse going for a relaxing ride. Adriane is also an excellent photographer, and with 6 birds, a dog, and a horse she has plenty of subjects for her pictures.

When asked why she wanted to become an Angel, Adriane says she wants to Pay it Forward by helping birds and their owners/caregivers. Her own birds have enriched her life and she is most happy when she can do something to improve the life of a bird less fortunate.

Help Us Help the Birds...
Our Angels generously donate their time making toys for our needy feathered friends. Quality toy-making supplies are expensive and shipping charges are outrageous. That's why we need your support to help keep us going. Every dollar amount, large or small, is gratefully accepted. Donations are tax deductible.

We also welcome donations of toymaking parts and supplies. A receipt will be issued for every donation. Contact us at Parrot Toy Info for further information on donating.

Other ways you can help:

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give! iGive Support This Site
The Art of Introducing New Toys to a 'Scaredy' Bird...
by Tamara Ferri

So we all hear "Parrots are supposed to play with toys, destroy toys, manipulate toys", etc. But what about when you show your companion a new toy and they drop to the bottom of the cage/playstand in horror at the mere site of the offending trinket?

There is definitely an art to introducing new toys, especially to a bird that is skeptical (and by skeptical I mean terrified, Haha) of new things. Here are a couple of tips that may help reduce the stress of introduction for both you and your companion parrot if they do not readily accept new toys.

 ♥ 1. Never assume that a bird will just "be ok" with a new toy. I've seen birds stop eating because a new toy (and by toy I mean threatening monster/predator) is too close to the food dish.
 ♥ 2. Show your bird a new toy from a distance and gauge their reaction. If they lean away, seem panicky, climb to the back of the cage and look at you with thinly veiled horror, don't just throw it in the cage. Take the toy to a distance from the bird where the bird looks comfortable and resumes normal behavior and put it low to the ground at that distance.
 ♥ 3. Once you see that the bird seems to be comfortable (ignoring) the new item then try moving it a little closer, this could be 6 inches closer or 3 feet depending on your bird's body language. The minute your bird looks uncomfortable, move back a little and put the toy down at that distance.
 ♥ 4. Repeat step 3 until you have the toy beside the cage (preferably on the floor/table) close by. The toy should be in your bird's sight, but not so close that it will be threatening. (Steps 3 and 4 can take hours/days/weeks, but in the 30 or so years that you'll have your parrot, what's a couple of weeks!)
 ♥ 5. Once your bird is not bothered by the toy being close to the cage, try hanging it very low on the OUTSIDE of the cage.
 ♥ 6. You can continue to move the toy up the cage gradually until you see your bird touching it through the bars (eventually their curiosity is just too much for them to stand). Once your bird touches the toy you can go ahead and hang it in the cage, but if your bird seems very uncomfortable with the situation you may want to hang it low and away from food/water dishes and the place that you bird normally roosts for the night.
 ♥ 7. Eventually most birds will accept a new toy without fear if it is introduced properly although there is no guarantee that your fickle friend will actually play with the toy. If you're one of those people that's birds immediately dive into any new offering count yourselves lucky and keep this plan in mind when you house a friend's bird, take on a foster bird, expand your flock in any way because the last thing you want to do is scare your new charge and create any mistrust.

And that's just my opinion!  ♥♥♥

Grover, owner of Roseanna loves his ducky!

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