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May 2007
Volume 2, Issue V

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Dear Angels and Supporters! Hoping this finds everyone enjoying the beautiful Spring weather! Hard to believe it's May already.

Please join me in welcoming our newest Angels, Robin H., Tamara F., Polly W., Gail A. and Susana E. More talons mean more toys! Two of our "Junior Angels" have now been promoted to "Senior Angels", Joel and Samantha Baker. You can read their delivery story below. They were lucky enough to go along with Angels Stacey and Diane on the delivery to Mountain Spirits Bird Rescue on April 7th. We were able to provide 158 toys to Charlie and Sue Miller. Congrats Joel and Sammi! Well deserved promotion!

We're still accepting submissions for our upcoming cookbook. Please share your parrot-friendly recipes with us here. Angel Tips and Hints are also needed for the cookbook and for upcoming issues of Angel Wings. Please submit tips/hints for the newsletter to hints.

I'd like to personally thank Christine E. for help in redesigning the newsletter. Thank you Christine! I couldn't have done it without you! (vbg) We hope you enjoy the new layout.

As always, your support is much appreciated. Without your generous donations, we couldn't do what we do.

~~ Lynn Williams

In this month's issue:
     Featured Fid ~ Meyers Parrot
     Our Delivery to Mountain Spirits
     The Storm That Changed My Life
     ParrotNutz Peanut Butter Nut Muffins

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Angel Tip by Debi T.
For a quick emergency carrier, purchase a clear file box from WalMart & drill air holes in it. Use hot glue and attach water bowl. Can be stacked. Tape lid for added security.

Boris in Carrier

Boris side view
Boris side view

Questions about carrier?
Drop Debi an email!
Featured Fid ~ Meyers Parrot
By Christena Snowden

The Meyers Parrot is one of the lesser known species of Parrots. Native to Central and Eastern Africa, they are a member of the Poicephalus family, with grey heads (most subspecies get a yellow patch on top of their heads after a year of age), grayish wings with yellow on the shoulders, and greenish-blue (subspecies will differ slightly) bellies and rumps. Meyers parrots are related to the more popular and well-known Senegals and are similiar in size and shape, around 8 inches from head to tail. They are very bright, funny, and ideal for apartment dwellers (though you do have to watch for the occasional SHRILL whistle). They take up little room and are not as messy as some birds tend to be. They do need roomy cages, despite their size, as they enjoy playing with GUSTO and have been known to break feathers in smaller cages. They love scritches but tend not to be big on snuggling.

Meyers parrots are also known for their more gentle nature and mild temper than that of their cousin, the Senegal. They more are likely to bond with every family member and less likely to be nippy (though do have a nippy stage for a short period of time when they are young). However, that is not always the case. Miss Maggie, my first Meyers, is extremely bonded to only me and will severely bite my husband, children, and other birds. She has never bitten me, nor do I think she ever would.

Miss Maggie
Miss Maggie

Pudgie, our second Meyers, is a shining example of the typical Meyer's personality. She loves to eat. She loves to be with any of the people in the house. She is very vocal, but does not know many words. She is not big on playing though. She will chew a toy or two, but does not have the typical gusto that most Meyers possess.

Miss Maggie, on the other hand, has an extensive vocabulary that rivals our Amazon. Which is also rare for the Meyers Parrots. They can talk, but are not known for large vocabularies. Maggie loves to play with toys as well and enjoys speding the majority of her time upside down. Eating is not high on her list of things to do.

To sum it up, Meyers Parrots are delightful companions. Not too noisy. Not too big. Very playful, energetic, and fun. A handfed, tame, well socialized baby will become an excellent companion. They can learn to talk, usually in a robotic kind of noise, but they delight people of all ages with their beauty, playfulness, and whistles/beeps/ clicks/ringing noises they can imitate with ease. They are the true jewel of the Savannah!


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Our Delivery to Mountain Spirits Bird Rescue
...From our newest Senior Angels perspective....
By Joel (14) and Samantha (10) Baker

Originally, I (Joel, age 14) thought the trip was going to be another three-hour drive there, dropping off the toys, handing out some hi-fives, smiling, and three hours back. BOY WAS I WROOOOONG! Well, first off, we would just like to say that we had an amazing and great time! What really surprised us at first was how a few people could pump out SO MANY TOYS. The trip up there was fun too (especially the little fiasco of trying to rep our organization with the stickers of the Parrot Toy Angels and palm trees, which ended up falling off as soon as we pulled out and turned around). When we pulled up, everyone was there to welcome us! They were all very friendly and grateful that we came with adorably wrapped gifts. The birds absolutely LOVED them! They said there were so many toys there; there must've been at LEAST 200! There were plenty of different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors to satisfy each bird. They said that they were expecting a small box of toys. But when they saw our mini-van packed to the roof with boxes, they were very surprised. We think the birds were very surprised (along with the bearers of the boxes) and were very happy. Almost as soon as we put them in the birds' cages, they very quickly jumped on them and reacted with them. Speaking of the birds, WOW. There were so many different shapes, breeds, and colors. As soon as we unpacked the boxes, the birds were already warming up to us. Even though we found some friendly birds, we found some people that were the bird's Angels themselves. After this experience, we are proud to be Parrot Toy Angels.

Joel and Sammi's new friend
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The Storm That Changed My Life
by Debi Tullier

Katrina changed many lives and the way people look at storms and their aftermath. I want to tell you about my experience, which thank God was not as bad as many. We were so fortunate.

On Saturday morning, August 27, 2005 I got to work at 7:15 am. I noticed that I was alone which was quite odd. Usually people were waiting at the door. Finally a few people started coming in and all were talking about the hurricane. (I have to tell you that I have lived all my life in the Gulf Coast area and people are not stupid when it comes to storms. They have evacuated only to return a day or so later with little or no damage. That is the norm for us). I didn't feel threatened by the storm at that time and continued with my work. Later that day many things would change. As I left work I heard on the radio that a mandatory evacuation had been announced. That meant that everyone in my parish (county) was supposed to leave. I live across the river from New Orleans, in Jefferson Parish. My husband worked for the local government so he had to stay, and I wasn't leaving him or my pets. I am not a hero but a pet person that realized that pets can not get out of a closed cage or give themselves water or food. I had too many birds at home to load into a car, and the temperature and waiting time to get out of town were high and long. It took some people eight hours to get a few miles. There were stories of people going to the bathroom at gas stations and walking back to their cars on the highway still in the lanes without moving. I really didn't see much of a chance that we could leave. I told my family that I loved them and that we had made the choice to stay. I was "fussed at" by my mom and dad who were fearful for our lives. My mom doesn't understand my love for my birds and she said, "I can't believe that you would give up your life for them." "Oh well", I told her, "I wasn't planning too"! I believed we would be alright.

Saturday evening was spent putting up 3/4" plywood panels over all of our windows: 30 upstairs and 15 downstairs. We were concerned about the storm, but not fearful... at least not yet. There was a chance that the storm would turn, and we were hoping for that. By Saturday night, and Sunday morning all of my friends and family were evacuating. People were coming and leaving their pet birds with me as they knew I couldn't leave because I refused to leave my birds. My birds didn't ask to be with me and I knew that they didn't have a chance for escape in their cages. I felt if I stayed at least I could let them free if I had too. I actually had several "friends" tell me how stupid I was as they dropped their birds off with me to take care of. I was so glad that I had bought seed and other birdie foods the previous week and I wished that I had gotten more. I was worried about running out... I had 20 gallons of water. Normally I don't collect water but for some reason did.

Early Sunday morning we found out that Katrina was really coming. My daughter decided to go to New Orleans to stay with her husband at the hospital that he works at. It was a big mistake as she was made to stay at a neighboring hotel during the storm by herself. I was frantic with worry about her.

I had in addition to my flock of 40 plus birds, 13 others who were left in my care during the storm. I tried to access worst and best case scenarios, and how I would respond. I didn't know if my plans would work but at least I had a plan.

I took a deep breath and looked at my bird room. It is a glass sun porch. It was covered with plywood and was totally quiet...the birds knew something wasn't right. I stayed up Saturday night moving cages trying to lessen the impact of the roof if it caved in. I put all of my macaw cages to the outer walls thinking that if the roof fell maybe those welded iron cages might prevent the smaller cages from crushing. Our house was so dark and closed with the plywood over the windows, but I felt a degree of safety. I placed towels, quick stop for bleeding, scissors and other items in a bin in the bird room in case of emergency. I also hung polar fleece fabric over the interior of the windows to protect from broken glass. I tried to sing and talk to keep the birds from feeling so stressed and me too! Our dogs also knew something wasn't right and they too stayed with the birds and I as I readied for the storm.

On Sunday morning we heard that there was a mandatory evacuation for our area. We kept busy stowing away hoses, flower pots, and any debris that could become airborne. On Sunday night the wind started to pick up and the rain came down in sheets. You could see thru the sections of the plywood that covered the windows that the rain was coming down sideways. The wind howled and the water started coming in thru the window edges. The wind was actually blowing the rain so hard that it was forcing it thru the smallest of openings. Our house is a old wooden monster, with six foot high by three foot wooden windows. The storm raged. I can't tell you how scared I was. I could feel the house tremble, the walls actually contracted with the wind. I felt that I couldn't breathe and laid down on the floor to try to get myself calmed down. The wind was blowing from the front of the house and the ceiling felt as if it raised up with each monstrous gust of wind. I could hear our trees sliding down the small alley next to my house. The birds were so quiet. I went into the room with them and started praying. I asked God to protect my birds as they were innocents. I put my hands against the walls as they flexed in and out with the wind. The sound was so loud and I was so worried about tornadoes in the storm. To my surprise Curley started singing "Jingle Bells" and I was so glad that he saved me from my fear. It seemed like days that the wind and rain kept coming. I stayed awake all night praying and finding comfort in my husband, my fids, and furred kids. I worried so much about my daughter as I had found out she was in a hotel room by herself. She was barricaded in the tub with her little dog.

On Monday morning very early the storm winds were howling and the walls of the house flexed in and out. You could take your hand and feel the movement. Things outside were scraping against the siding as they flew by. I heard a scream outside and it sounded like a child. We drilled a hole in the window board only to see the people across the street out with their kids playing in this scene from hell. I only prayed that they would be alright, in spite of their ignorance. It seemed as if days went by but finally the storm started to move away from us. Water had been forced thru the windows, siding and roof in some places. We were whole and had survived. The worst was over or so I thought.

Monday afternoon we were finally able to step outside. The wind was still gusting and my husband reminded me with a gentle tug that flying debris was still happening. We have a sheet metal roof on the warehouse behind our home. It lost several sheets. The front porch looked as if a tree grew on it. Our old water oak had fallen on our front steps inches from our roof. As I looked I noticed that our roof lay under the tree. Our fence was also the victim of the storm. The trees had taken it down. My neighbor's electric lines were in my yard on the ground. We were blessed. My daughter was able to call in for a minute and tell me she was alright for now and was hidden in the hotel bathroom. She said people were kicking the doors down in the hall and she was scared. I didn't know how to get to her, and thank the Lord her husband came and got her. There was no way out. The streets were covered by trees, vehicles, and debris. We started cleaning up.

The birds were thinking at this point that we should have a party. I had to open the door to their room and the front door to provide some air flow as we had no electricity or water. The temperature was in the high 90's, low 100's and the house was hot. I was worried about mosquitoes and other things (animals) getting in, but I didn't have any options. I had to find an option as Rocko, our African Grey found a way to escape and I found him out on the deck. Yes, outdoors, and again thank the Lord I was able to find him. I found some green and red metallic netting that I was going to make Christmas gift bags with and used it as a screen door. I stapled it across the doorway. It worked and kept the creatures in and out. I sprayed the birds down with water to keep them comfortable. I had to resort to wiping my face with water from the bed of our truck to keep cool while I was outside working.

The next issue was security. We started to notice people moving around our area. One man tried to steal our neighbor's car right in front of us. It was noon and he looked right at me as he smashed the window with a hammer. I was able to get my other neighbor to get the police, for some reason her phone worked. The police came and arrested him. He was so bold, I was worried he would come back. I was so frightened I slept with a gun and an ice pick. I was scared because the house had to be open to provide us with some degree of comfort.

My husband was able to start the water pump for the city and we again had some water, but no electricity. I knew it wouldn't be long for the food in the icebox and freezer. I also started to notice how much water had blown in. The bird room had pools of water under boxes and my poor birds' toy making supplies were ruined. They had been troopers. I was also concerned as I wasn't sure how long the food would last for them. I was coming to realize that this wasn't as normal. We didn't have news to know how bad things were. We learned by talking to police and neighbors. Our cell phones weren't working, they were hit or miss. Finally my daughter called and said the water is rising. She was downtown and was in the area that flooded. She was up in the hospital at this time. She said it wasn't safe, looters were out all over. That was the last I heard from her for a week. I was sick with worry.

Our electricity was out for the better part of a week and we had to drive over 40 miles to get provisions. You had to be in at 5 pm due to curfew. It was scary. The police had machine guns and drove by every five to ten minutes. I borrowed my neighbor's phone line and was able to get online. There were wild stories about me on the roof of my house holding all of my birds on the roof. I was so glad to be able to put everyone's worries to rest. I tried to help people who emailed me to check on their pets. I was scared to go out by myself but I did a few times.

As the days grew into weeks I was so happy to find some kind people who offered food for my birds. The problem was getting it to my area. I finally had my daughter bring food back from Houston, TX. She brought so much that we were fine. Also when UPS started up again, a great company sent us bird food.

The storm season will always come again to the Gulf Coast as will the evacuations. We decided that the birds and ourselves needed to be in a safer place, especially during storm season. I would have never believed it, but we bought a house to escape to that is over 400 miles away. My birds are all fine, except my little Bobbie who died from a congenital heart problem. I also had to move over 30 birds at one time with out a van. So I found a great carrier for emergencies that cost $4.00 and saved us. I bought the plastic file boxes from Walmart. The clear ones with a blue lid. My husband drilled air holes in each one and we hot glued a water bowl in each. They stacked and we taped them for extra security. The birds were able to see each other and were moved without incident. The macaws were too large for these carriers so were in large pet carriers. They all fit.

Most of our birds came to us as "throw-aways". They are our family. The birds that I watched during the storm eventually went to their homes 3 months later, with one exception. One was never picked up so he remains with us. His family doesn't have time for him anymore. That is alright with us.

Our town really did change and so did we. We realized that no one is promised tomorrow and that we should be stewards to all creatures. They can't take care of themselves and during a disaster they are affected even more than people in some cases. I miss my home, but I do get to go back now and then. There is still a lot of flood damage, empty homes, and terrible crime. Maybe some day it will be safer to return. Right now the stores are crowded, traffic is also terrible, it's still hard to get mail, and some deliveries are delayed due to the "storm" damage. I don't understand why but this is so. I do know this...I am so fortunate. I stood shoulder to shoulder with my dear husband and remained to do what we felt was right. Thank God it was.

Believe me I am and was grateful. I am also so grateful to Parrot Toy Angels for their wonderful gift of toys and food. You don't know how much this meant to my birds. They had endured so much and your toys, so brightly colored in the midst of such darkness, seemed to bring them back to life. I can't thank all of you enough for what you did, You brought back my faith in my fellow people. Your organization did so much for me. You made me realize that there are good people out there.  ♥♥♥

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