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Angel Wings: November 2006

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Angel Wings
A monthly journal for human angels who make a positive difference in companion birds' lives.

November 2006
Volume 1, Issue VI

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Happy Thanksgiving, Parrot Toy Angel Supporters!!
With the thoughts on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we at PTA would like to give a special "thanks" to ALL OF YOU who unselfishly give all year long. YOU make this possible....without YOU, there is no PTA!

So, we say THANKS to our loyal supporters, and WELCOME to our new Angel members Devi T., Becky W., and Laurie K.

We wanted to do something special for our supporters this month, and our "Special Angel" Judie has organized a contest. We want to see your fids, their messy beakers, bathtime, playtime, best pals, best twinkers, smiling beakers and cutest babies... we want you to enter the Photo Contest. The prizes are fabulous and you get to determine the winners. Thank you Judie for taking on this task!

Also, a very special thank you to Adriane of ParrotNutz, Claudia of Chopper's Toys and Joan of Avian Naturals/All Bird Toys for their very generous donations of prizes for the Photo Contest.

Travel safely, eat well and most of all, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

- Lynn Williams

Angel Toys For Angels

We now offer 'Angel Toys' for sale to the public. Take a look at November's featured toys:

Monkey Knot for Medium to Large Birds
Monkey Knot
for Medium to Large Birds

Big Winner for Large to X-Large Birds
Big Winner
for Large to X-Large Birds

Lotsa Fun for Small to Medium Birds
Lotsa Fun
for Small to Medium Birds

Punkin Curl for Small to Medium Birds
Punkin' Curls
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for Small to Medium Birds

Turkey Turkey for Small to Medium Birds
for Small to Medium Birds

Check out all the Angel Toys for Angels now!

My Angel Delivery
to Phyllis Real
By Cindy Dietrich

Saturday, March 4, 2006 came quickly for myself and Andrea Frederick as we prepared for the big PTA toy delivery to Phyllis Real at her home about 50 miles north of Denver, Colorado. We both hurriedly rushed to put finishing touches on the last of our own donation toys for Phyllis and contemplated just how we would manage to load and deliver such a huge pile of boxes; gifts for a woman whose energy and resources had been stretched to the max caring for many unwanted, homeless birds. Andrea and I had few clues as to the amazing quality of the beautiful toys, lovingly handcrafted by Parrot Toy Angel members from across the country. Phyllis' flock consisted of every size bird imaginable and there were toys aplenty for each.

We arrived at Phyllis' home around 11:00 and began to unload, carrying box after box, while Phyllis stood in awe. With help from two curious feathered friends, we anxiously opened each box, laying them out to admire and take pictures. There were so many, the sheer numbers were amazing. Phyllis was overcome with emotion as she talked about what birds might enjoy which toys. It was obvious to all three of us, the amount of love and attention to detail that had gone into each and every toy, no matter the size. There were giant swings for the macaws and colorful "chewables" for the big 'toos. The amazons were certainly not overlooked in the bounty and Phyllis' Goffins 'Toos could create plenty of mischief with the bells, balls, and blocks which adorned the many mid-size toys. The finely crafted small toys would be suitable for Phyllis' elderly cockatiels and the budgies would have a wide array of tiny ones from which to choose.

Phyllis Real
Phyllis Real

For both Andrea and I, this was our first PTA toy delivery and the experience brought a flood of tears from all of us. From Phyllis, the tears of joy showed a deep appreciation that complete strangers would care so much about birds they'd never met, and for a woman struggling just to provide their basic necessities. For Andrea and myself, I believe tears were from the unspoken realization that these birds might no longer be adequately cared for in their present circumstances. On the ride home we didn't speak of it, but we both knew help was needed, and quickly.

Help soon came in the form of volunteers and staff from a well-respected parrot adoption and sanctuary organization located near Denver. The Gabriel Foundation agreed to foster and find homes for the adoptable members of Phyllis' flock and to give sanctuary to those with special needs. Many birds and their new toys were transported to the Foundation's facility where they await loving new homes.

Andrea and I had the opportunity to once again see several of those same birds in person while at the Gabriel Foundations's aviary facility a few months later. Knowing they were well cared for and enjoying their PTA toys gave us a great sense of pride at having been a part of such a compassionate and dedicated group as the men and women of Parrot Toy Angels. Viewing first-hand, the impact of our contributions of toys, food and other supplies have made on the lives of so many birds is a truly humbling experience I will never forget.

Has this story got your toymaking talons twitching? Do you want to help make a difference in somebirdie's life? Come join our ranks! We have angels from all different backgrounds and walks of life, and there's always room for another generous heart.

As a Parrot Toy Angel, you will be asked to contribute on a monthly basis to help support our ongoing work. Apply for membership:
Join our Yahoo! Group


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Rikki Sez...
Rikki will try and answer frequently asked questions here.

Brandy asks: Rikki, can you tell me how much wood a Cockatoo goes through each month?

Rikki sez: Well Brandy,since I'm not that fond of wood, I had to ask a couple of my 'Too buddies; Meeka, Gonzo and Phoenix. They say it really all depends on the bird and the type of wood being offered. They can put away anywhere from a couple 2" x 4" blocks a week up to an entire garbage bag a week! Keep in mind, they need more than just wood. Try offering natural wicker and plastic toys also.

Do you have a question for Rikki? Please send it to Editor and Rikki will answer it in the upcoming months.

An Angel Amongst Us
Parrot Toy Angels come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Let us introduce you to one of our Angels


Angel Toymaker Christena
Toymaker, Race Car Driver • OH, USA

Our Angel Christena has recently retired from her "away from home" job at General Motors. CONGRATULATIONS Christena! But retirement doesn't mean a life of leisure. This Angel also manufactures and sells toys for feathered and furry pets.

Drawing on her love for tinkering, she started making pet toys as a hobby. This hobby soon turned into a very lucrative business, doing something she really enjoys and is very good at.

Although she is a very busy woman, her life isn't all work. Many days you can find Christena at the race track. No, not the horse track! At the drag races, speeding to victory in her very own souped up Saturn.

Christena's compassion and love for animals is why she became a Parrot Toy Angel. To help birds in need by making them toys to "destroy and enjoy". She's very often moved to tears of joy when she sees pictures of the toy deliveries. Seeing all the toys that make unfortunate birds lives a little happier makes her proud, and glad that she could contribute to their happiness.

Angel's Thanksgiving
By ilona

When leaves have fallen on the ground
And nuts and apples gathered in,
The sunny skies make way for clouds
As winter makes his way back in.

Then Angels speak,
"My children dear,
Thanksgiving Day is very near,
And as this year comes to an end
Remember all our feathered friends.
And you must do what you do best:
To give up time when you would rest.
You know your hearts will fill with joy
By gifting one bird with a toy."

Help Us Help the Birds...


Our Angels generously donate their time making toys for our needy feathered friends. Quality toymaking supplies are expensive and shipping charges are outrageous. That's why we need your support to help keep us going. Every dollar amount, large or small, is gratefully accepted. Donations are tax-deductible.

We also welcome donations of toymaking parts and supplies. A receipt will be issued for every donation. Contact us at Info for further information on donating.

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