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Angel Wings
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September 2006
Volume 1, Issue IV

Greetings, Parrot Toy Angel Supporters!

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to our newest Angel, Debbie S.

August was a spectacular month for PTA. I'm very proud to announce that we were able to donate 1100+ toys to The Gabriel Foundation in Denver, CO. Pictures will be posted soon. Thank you to Julie Weiss Murad for the hospitality shown our delivering angels: Andrea F., Cindy D., Machelle E. and her daughter Paige. The delivery was a day none of us will soon forget!

Please watch your mailboxes for the announcement of our Fall Fundraiser. Your support and donations are what keep us going!

We thank you all for your generosity!!

- Lynn Williams

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A Surprise Birdie Shower
in Albany, NY
By Jane Thorwarth

The Birdie Shower for Linda and Ralph was held at the library in East Greenbush, NY. Around 50 people attended and there was a lot of excitement while preparing the tables. The lights were dimmed and our SURPRISE! caught Linda and Ralph completely by surprise. They looked completely confused, looking around as if it was meant for someone else. Their daughter April handed them a copy of our press release to read out loud and they finally realized the surprise was for them. Huge smiles came across their faces.

During my speech I saw their eyes turning to the big pile of red packages with our logo on them. I introduced each Angel that came for the presentation. First up was Meryl from New York City, then Dorothy from New Jersey, next was Rita, and last, my 7 year old grandson Cody was introduced as our newest Junior Angel. He was very proud to be part of this.

Christmas in July

Linda and Ralph were completely overwhelmed with gratitude, they couldn't believe that complete strangers had gone so far to help and just kept shaking their heads in amazement saying things like "These things came from all over the country and Canada!"; "But they dont even know us!" and "Just look at all these beautiful toys!" There were lots of tears, smiles and applause for what the PTA did for them. This was a wonderful experience, for us and everyone there.

Instead of giving everyone a party favor I decided to set up a toy making table. NanC Bird agreed to help out with it by giving them some ideas and instructions. This table was a big hit with all of them, I went there with eight big boxes of supplies and came home with one. Guess there's a lot more toy makers and happy birdies now!

I think everyone walked away that night with something I know I did. What I left with is something that can't be put into a box and wrapped; it was much more than that. It was a wonderful feeling of giving and sharing with others. It was a deep heartfelt gratitude for what the Parrot Toy Angels do for all the little unwanted, mistreated and neglected birds that have finally found a better life through the hands of caring people like Linda and Ralph and so many others like them all across the country. It was the knowledge that there are so many wonderful, giving, selfless people like the Angels who will give their hearts, time and money to help other forgotten ones that need something to make their life just a little better. It was also the realization that there are so many out there that care enough to go that extra step to help and to quote Linda "it's all for the love of birds".

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Fall Fundraiser
Refuge for Saving the Wildlife in Northbrook, IL
Surprise sprinkling of "Angel Dust" in Missouri and Colorado


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An Angel Amongst Us

Parrot Toy Angels come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Let us introduce you to one of our Angels

Angel Baker Adriane
Baker, Photographer, Horsewoman • NJ, USA

Adriane is the owner of ParrotNutz Treats LLC, and while she doesn't make toys, is a big contributor to the Angel cause. Not only does she donate her homemade birdie treats to our Angel projects, a portion of the sales on her site is donated to the Parrot Toy Angels. ParrotNutz also created the mixes and mashes sold on the Parrot Toy Angels website.

This Angel's life isn't all work though. She can often be found atop her horse going for a relaxing ride. Adriane is also an excellent photographer, and with 6 birds, a dog, and a horse she has plenty of subjects for her pictures.

When asked why she wanted to become an Angel, Adriane says she wants to Pay it Forward by helping birds and their owners/caregivers. Her own birds have enriched her life and she is most happy when she can do something to improve the life of a bird less fortunate.

Touched by an Angel

Hedgehogs and Angels
By Linda LaDuke

In 1994 I wanted a hedgehog for my birthday. My husband and I took off on a mild January morning in search of one. The first pet store didn't have any left. The second pet store had one. Problem solved. We started to look at all the equipment needed to care for the hedgehog when we saw the bird room.

The room was not very big and housed many big white birds, all cockatoos. Of course, back then we didn't know one from the other. We went in and they all talked to us. What great fun to have a pet talk to us. Money was tight and I couldn't get the one I fell in love with, an umbrella named "White Cloud". So it was back to the original plan, a hedgehog. As we were leaving the room we saw a small cage with a small grey bird. The bird was just sitting next to the side of its cage on the perch. He didn't even move. It was a cockatiel and I felt so bad for it among all that noise and in the middle of all those very big birds. Read More

Has this story got your toymaking talons twitching? Do you want to help make a difference in somebirdie's life? Come join our ranks! We have angels from all different backgrounds and walks of life, and there's always room for another generous heart.

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