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100 ct. Pack ~ 7 Neon Colors:
Yellow, Pink, Black, Blue,
Green, Pink, Orange
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Straw Cutter
Easy curl maker!
Birds love curls

US - $4.50

Wacky Whirly
Will gladly ship to the 
UK and AU.  Please contact us 
for shipping quote.

VitaCritter 8oz ~ Single Bottles ~~ $10.45

VitaCritter 9-1oz Bottles ~ Combo Pack Bottles ~~ $32.50

Navidad Red - Crash Orange - Chico Yellow - Liberty Spring Green -
Darby Green - Vida Teal Blue - Romeo Blue - Sandy’s Favorite Purple - Zazu Pink
VitaCritter ~ Exquisite Colourant
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$2.50/100 pk.
Straws ~ Regular & Fat - “A Little Thicker”
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Wacky Whirly Straws
FooDoodlers ~ 8 pack
Now you can decorate your toys “your way”!
FooDoodlers Food Coloring Markers contains
FDA approved, edible inks so you can draw
directly onto wood.  Faces, designs, you name it.  
Brighten up your toys.

Wipe the Foodoodler  Markers tips clean and
refrigerate after use.
Set of eight colors - red, pink, green, yellow,
blue, orange, brown and black.
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8 pack
8” Long
$1.50/100 pk.
6” Long
$2.75/200 pk.
Asst. Neon - 7” Long
$3.00/50 pcs.
curled straws2.jpg
Asst. Neon - 5-1/2” Long
$2.50/50 pcs.
curled straws_short2.jpg
curled straws_close.jpg
curled straws_tied.jpg
** A little thicker **
Curled Straws
All the work has been done –
Clump ‘em, tie ‘em, offer ‘em
Zip ties are great for attaching.
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SS Skewers ~ 10” Long
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$6.99 each
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