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International orders,  please send order to: Sales@parrottoyangels.org. We’ll calculate the shipping & send you an invoice. View Cart NATURALS:  Miscellaneous Awesomeness Natural Corks 1”   10/$2.90 Mal's-E: Add Corks/ 10 pk. to cart Loofah Log  Varies from 6” to 8-½”   $1.75 Mal's-E: Add Loofah Log to cart Toy Making Supplies Logobirdtrans.gif $25.00 Minimum Order, Please Click Guidelines for Info <<   Previous Page     ||     Top     ||     Supplies    >> View Cart Toy Making Supplies Next Page   >> Mahogany Pod Slices 1-½” Diameter -½” Thick    6/$1.25 Natural Pods 2” - 2-½” - Predrilled   $0.75 Mal's-E: Add Natural Pods to cart Natural Foraging Cup w/Lid  2-½” Diameter - 1-¼” Tall - 2 oz.   4/$1.35 Mal's-E: Add Mahogany Pod Slices/ 6 pk. to cart Mal's-E: Add Natural Foraging Set/ 4 pk. to cart corks.JPG mahogany pod slices.jpg 2oz bio cup_crop.jpg 2oz bio cup lid.jpg


kabobs2.jpg 10” SS Skewer Offer as a footer or  Thread on a skewer Approx. 20 pieces  $7.25 Mal's-E: Add Kabob Chips to cart lgpods.gif loofah.JPG Seagrass Braid - 1/4”     $0.15 per foot seagrassbraid.gif Mal's-E: Add Seagrass Braid to cart


Paper Rope ⅛” twisted   $0.22 per foot paper rope_br2.jpg Mal's-E: Add Paper Rope to cart swiss cheese shredders.JPG Holey Shredders 1-½” x 1-½” - All natural   20/$3.25 Mal's-E: Add Holey Shredders/ 20 pk. to cart


STAINLESS STEEL:  Pails & Skewers asafepail.jpg

Stainless Steel Buckets      1QT           $8.50

Stainless Steel Buckets      2QT           $10.00 $9.008.50

Stainless Steel Buckets      1/2 Pint      $6.00

Twister Kabob   12” Long   $9.99 Mal's-E: Add Twister Kabob to cart Mal's-E: Add 1/2 Pint SS Pail to cart Mal's-E: Add 1 QT. SS Pail to cart Mal's-E: Add 2 QT. SS Pail to cart SS_Kabob.jpg Twister Kabob.JPG Kabob  10” Long   $6.99 Mal's-E: Add Kabob to cart