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 Creative Foraging Systems Starter Kits
Holder constructed from Polycarbonate Plastic
Parrots must chew box to find reward.  Compartmentalized chipboard makes parrots eagerly learn that they must continue working to expose additional treats.  US-made food-grade paper box.
 Fun Foraging Toys
Refillable, Interactive Foraging Toys
Constructed from Polycarbonate Plastic & Stainless Steel
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Foraging Sphere
8” Long Including Bell

Foraging Capsule
12” Long Including Chain

Foraging Wheel
6” Diameter

Plastic holder holds chipboard box and insert.
Use as is or fill with treats or other foraging
materials of your choice.  Complete system
includes 10-day supply (10 refills).
Creative Foraging System
3 Door Cubes
2” x 2” x 6” plus SS chain
Large - $17.75
7” x 3” x 2”
Small - $12.75
4.5” x 2.5” x 2”
Small Refill - $8.50
15 day supply
Refillable foraging toy with 3 sliding doors
Foraging Cubes

PVC Foragers
13” Long - 5/8” Holes - Lg/XL Birds
Bottom screws on for refilling
Stuff ‘em with wood, paper
shreds, nuts, veggies...
Endless choices!!
Bottom screws off for
PVC Forager
When cleaning Stainless Steel or Nickel Plated toys, make sure to rinse well & dry thoroughly.
Buffet Ball & Skewer
13” x 5.5” tray - 3.5” Diameter Ball
Polycarbonate Plastic & Stainless Steel
To fill the ball, simply unscrew the clear ball
from bottom. All components will come apart,
making it quick & easy for you to fill and clean!
Buffet Ball
3.5” Diameter Ball
Polycarbonate Plastic
Simply unscrew & fill.  Dishwasher safe!  
**Food & toys not included
Buffet Ball

Large Refill - $11.50
Fits 663-665-667
15 day supply
Large Refill - $11.50
Fits 662-664-666
$11.50 15 day supply

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Fun Foragers
11” Long including link
Small - Medium Birds
1 of each available
$16.99 each
footer foragers.jpg
Frilly Foragers
Almost 5” tall
Medium - Large Birds
Hide a treat and let the fun begin!
Frilly Forager

Fun Foragers
Out of Stock.