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Angel Curls
Chewable, Shreddable, Loveable
Great for pluckers & over-preeners
Angel Curls ~ $6.50
Bagel Chain
Fun for the small/medium feathers
Over 20 1” Bagels
Bagel Chain

When cleaning Stainless Steel or Nickel Plated toys, make sure to rinse well & dry thoroughly.
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Millet/Fresh Food Holder
10” or 12” Long
Tiels, Quakers, Conures
10” Millet Holder
Jeweled Chimes
7” Long
Small to Medium birds
Jeweled Chimes

jeweled chimes_orange.jpg
Side view
jeweled chimes_purple.jpg
Neon Tubes
8+” Long
Small to Medium Birds
neon tubes.jpg
Neon Tubes

10” Long
Small Birds

Wooden Flowers
7” Long - Wood 1-1/4” Long  
wooden flowers.jpg
Wooden Flowers

Levi’s Loot
8” Long
Small  to Medium Birds
Levi’s Loot

12” Millet Holder
Colors will vary
Colors will vary
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More Small - Medium Toys Coming Soon
Hearts & Stars
Approx. 9” Long
Perfect for the small feathers!
Hearts & Stars

Small - Medium Toys